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/sg/ Patch
The only general to call in a military airstrike- TWICE. Note: Ive added some characters to the title because the paypal jew is intercepting anything with Syria in the name. 3" Embroidered patch with velcro backing.
Confederate Battle Flag Patch
Southerners and edge lords rejoice. High quality neutral colors Confederate Battle Flag. 3.5"x2" embroidered velcro backed patch. Let danger never turn you aside from the pursuit of honor or the service to your country Know that death is inevitable and the fame of virtue is immortal Robert E. Lee
MAGA Awoo Patch
ABLOOO ABLOOO 3" embroidered patch with velcro backing. By purchasing this patch you sign to the agreement that Youmu is best girl and that she is rightfully Ai's waifu for all eternity. Thank you for your service.
Primitive /k/
This is a joke patch mocking a stupid tripfaggot who's so shit he doesn't even deserve to be named. However the wondrous ba/b/uya came in and saved the day with this incredible patch. Unfortunately ba/b/uya was unable to start up his own store and sell this, so he passed down the reigns of this patch...